Welcome to European Aircraft Sales

European Aircraft Sales is an international dealer and broker for new and pre-owned aircraft. European Aircraft Sales offers a complete range of aircraft brokerage services to assist individuals and corporations in either purchasing or selling a business jet. To review our current inventory, please proceed to aircraft for sale.

European Aircraft Sales is based in Denmark in the northern part of Europe which is an ideal position to serve customers all over Europe and beyond. We look forward to working with you.

Buying or selling an aircraft is not an easy process. If you are in that process and need a partner to assist you, we could very well be that partner. More than 40 years of shared aviation experience and 1000 aircraft sold ensures you the knowledge, competence, network and seniority you need to close the best deal.

In addition, we are the exclusive Piper dealer in all of Scandinavia and the Baltic States and sell the whole line of new Piper aircraft.

Finally, we arrange for the purchase and sale of small aircraft and helicopters. We have worked as brokers at the trading of pre-owned jets and turbo-prop aircraft all over the world for many years.

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