Acquisition Consulting

European Aircraft Sales ApS has had a great deal of inquiries from clients who have asked for our assistance in finding the right business aircraft for their needs. Because of these inquiries European Aircraft Sales has acquired an aircraft acquisition company with more than 20 years of experience to provide the dedicated research capabilities to meet our clients needs.

Our decades of market experience, on a worldwide basis, combined with ability to provide dedicated and original research provides our clients with the ability to identify the right aircraft at the right price for the client’s unique requirements. The Aircraft Acquisition Services provided by European Aircraft Sales provides our customers with experienced and professional representation on every aspect of the aircraft acquisition process. This disciplined and systematic process has been refined over hundreds of transactions and represents the best practices of the corporate aviation industry.

We are exclusively compensated by our clients. This is to ensure that our interests are always aligned with the interests of our clients. We never accept any fees, commissions or considerations from anyone other than our clients. And because our fees are fixed, we are free to recommend the most cost effective solution to fulfill the client’s mission requirement. Whether the client purchases an older Citation or a brand new Gulfstream, we are equally compensated. This ensures that our primary concern is the client’s best interest throughout the entire process. In fact, we will not hesitate to counsel a client NOT to purchase an aircraft when it is appropriate and provide guidance for alternatives such as charter and fractional ownership. Our singular purpose is to ensure that the client’s aviation related decisions are the best informed and most intelligent ones possible.

We oversee and simplify the buying process saving you time and money!

What sets European Aircraft Sales apart from the others is:

Fixed Fee

Ensures that our client’s best interest remain the one and only priority throughout the process.

Detailed Original Research

Empowers our client with the knowledge that they need to make the best aviation decisions possible.

Systematic Method

Our proven methodology, refined over hundreds of transactions, provides of the information you need to get the best value for your aviation dollar.


How We Work:

Complete Feasibility Study or Model Selection Analysis:

We begin with either a complete feasibility study or model selection analysis, which helps the client to select the appropriate ownership option and/or aircraft model for the mission-specific circumstances.

Comprehensive Market Analysis

This process culminates in a comprehensive and detailed market analysis for the selected aircraft model in the target market.

Expert Guidance

Once a specific model has been selected and the comprehensive market analysis completed, we provide expert guidance in price negotiation, arranging and analyzing the pre-purchase inspection, evaluating financing options and facilitating all aspects of closing. In addition, we continue to work on the client’s behalf until the aircraft has been placed into service, this may include crew selection or retaining an aviation management company.

Our Credentials

For over 20-years we have acquired aircraft on our own account for resale. This first-hand experience with the market makes us uniquely qualified to provide guidance to YOU in a risk filled environment. With the addition of a dedicated staff to conduct client specific research, our decades of experience are now available to our Aircraft Acquisition clients.

To request more information regarding our fixed fee consulting services, please complete the following:

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