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Daher TBM 930 (factory new)
Price: 4,046,100 USD (2018 Standard Equipped)

TBM 930 gets there faster, flying at speeds of up to 330 kts./380 mph. This is the latest version of the world’s fastest certified single-engine turboprop.

A truly integrated flight deck with Garmin’s G3000 Digital avionics suite – the first-ever touchscreen-controlled, all-glass flight deck designed for light turbine aircraft. NEW GTC 580 It incorporates streamlined menu structures to remove visual clutter and eliminate mechanical knobs, buttons and selector switches.

The TBM 930 offers superior performance – a maximum cruise speed of 330 kts. – and high efficiency with a 1,730-naut. mi. maximum range and a fuel consumption at economy cruise of 37 U.S. gallons per hour. This results from aerodynamic improvements, along with other aircraft enhancements. The maximum range and useful load, as well as the ability to land at small airports, are some of the customers’ favorite features.

Model: Daher TBM 930
Year: Factory new
Price: 4,046,100 USD (2018 Standard Equipped)

  • YEAR: Call us for Deliveries in 2018
  • Total Time Since New: Factory New
  • ENGINES: Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A( P&WC PT6-66D )
  • PROPELLER: Hartzell 5-Blade
  • CONFIGURATION: 6 seat configuration
  • Garmin G3000 avionics, an all-glass integrated avionics system with high-resolution displays and touchscreen controllers.

See complete standard avionics description in spec sheet.

Other Standard Equipment:

  • Metal structure and skin paneling
  • Carbon fiber engine cowling and winglets
  • Anticorrosion protection treatment
  • Retractable gear with electrohydraulic actuation
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Pressurized 6 seats cabin (6.2 psi) and baggage compartment
  • Sound proofing and thermal insulation
  • Pilot Access Door
  • Large access door with retractable stairway
  • Emergency exit
  • Front storage compartment (not pressurized) with lockable access door
  • Easy maintenance access doors
  • Wing Tie-down attachments
  • Jacking points
  • Gaseous oxygen system for 6 seats and quick-donning masks for pilot & copilot
  • 2017 standard paint scheme



  • With every new TBM 930 and TBM 910, Daher provides customers with its TBM Total Care Program (TCP) as part of the purchase package. This exclusive program gives the initial retail owner of a TBM complimentary scheduled maintenance – including annual inspections – for the first five years or 1,000 hours of operation with the aircraft.
  • The TCP covers all scheduled maintenance costs (with the exception of consumable items). In addition, it provides complimentary CAMP computerized maintenance tracking and follow-up to the initial retail owner for the first five years of ownership.
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Eagle Plan Plus Extended Warranty also can be purchased from Daher – resulting in a warranty extension to seven years or 2,500 hours of operation for the TBM’s PT6A powerplant. Daher offers one of the industry’s best nose-to-tail warranties which complement the unique TBM’s Total Care Program (TCP):
  • Airframe (excluding systems, major components and consumables like brakes, tires, batteries, etc.): 7 years or 3,500 hours of aircraft operation
  • PT6A powerplant: 5 years or 2,500 hours of aircraft operation
  • Avionics: All Garmin equipment, L3 WX500 Stormscope, RA4500 radar altimeter and KN63 DME: 5 years
  • Systems: Flap actuators, fuel unit, gauging system, oxygen system, bleed air system, cabin pressure control system, air conditioning system, landing gear and actuators, mechanical fuel pump, hydraulic unit, vacuum system, windshield, flight controls actuators, electrical power unit, starter generator, standby altimeter and airspeed indicators, torque and oil pressure transducers, overspeed governor: 5 years or 1,000 hours
  • Hartzell Propeller: 6 years or 4,000 hours