A few good tips for the Aero Expo in Friedrichshafen


Spring is upon us, and we look forward to one of our favorite GA experiences of the year - the Aero Expo in Friedrichshafen. 

The Aero Expo in Friedrichshafen has grown to be one of the main events in Europe in regards to General Aviation. Besides from representing a broad array of businesses from the GA industry, and hosting highly relevant conferences, this Expo is held at one of the most beautiful locations in Europe. We strive to go every year, and this year is no exception. Thus, in anticipation of this upcoming event, we thought we would like to share with you, some of our best tips for the Aero Expo in Friedrichshafen. 

Plan Ahead: Going to Expos, we find, it is always a good idea to start early and plan ahead. That way you can get cheaper flights and hotel rooms close to the Aero Expo. But if you’ve only just now decided that you are going, don’t despair, there are plenty of small and cozy hotels and B&B’s to be found in the vicinity of Friedrichshafen, with hospitable and friendly staff.

Stay in Constance: Although staying in Friedrichshafen is no. 1, a good alternative is staying in Constance. Constance lies just across Lake Constance from Friedrichshafen on the Swiss boarder and it is has a beautiful and well-preserved historic center. It also sports some great shopping and we find it has a better selection of restaurants than Friedrichshafen. The ride across with the ferry across is only 10 minutes; just enough time for a cup of coffee and the coffee only gets better, with the beautiful view from the ferry!

Enter via Zürich: If we are not flying directly to the Expo with one of our own aircraft, we always fly commercial into Zürich, and then drive the rest of the way by rental car. This is what we have found to be the cheapest and fastest way to Friedrichshafen. Having a rental car also leaves you with the freedom to go out and explore the area in the evenings.

Eat asparagus! This time of the year in Friedrichshafen is prime season for white asparagus, and they are delicious! Every restaurant in Friedrichshafen have their own specialty with asparagus –and trust us! We haven’t had asparagus this good anywhere else in the world.  

Bring your family. If you haven’t already smitten your family with your infatuation for aviation, this is a great opportunity.  The Aero Expo is one of the few expos in the industry with a reasonable entry price. Adults pay only 15 € for a day ticket and children until 16 years can enter for free.

Go see the Blimp. In Friedrichshafen you find the Zeppelin Museum, so if you haven’t had enough of aviation at the Expo, take a trip down memory lane and experience an impressive piece of aviation history.

We hope you have a great trip to the Aero Expo, and maybe we’ll see you there?


Best of Wishes 
European Aircraft Sales ApS


 Bjarne, Katja & Henrik

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