Good news for European General Aviation this summer!

This past weekend, Bjarne attended an AOPA meeting in Billund, Denmark, and we were pleased to learn about the future more lenient EASA regulations for GA aviation, that will come into play from the 25th of August 2016. These changes are good news for many of our customers, who fly Non Complex aircraft, such as the Piper M models or the Pilatus PC-12, who can now benefit from these more lenient regulations in the following ways:

Easier to fly company flights, flying your colleagues in your own aircraft to a meeting you no longer have to own a class 1 medical, or worry about duty time and the bureaucracy and fees, that were previously involved in these types of flights. This makes it much more attractive to own an aircraft and placing it in a subsidiary company, charging the expenses to the parent company and still be able to use it privately. In fact more and more of our customers have both leisure - and business use in mind when they are investing in for instance one of the Piper M models which is perfect for combining business and leisure.

Legal cost-sharing is another change worth mentioning, as EASA makes it legal to share the direct costs with your passengers. This opens up for some new flying opportunities for sharing the direct cost on a flight, and there are already a few social services who have popped up online, that cater to this way of flying, such as Skyü and

It is an interesting way of planning a flight and cutting the costs, but we agree with AOPA’s cautioning, flying with people you don’t know brings along some new issues to be take into considerations. You can read more about the Non Commercial Non complex EASA’s regulations and above-mentioned alleviations in the EASA regulations.

Unfortunately the future EASA regulations also brings bad news for private aircraft owners who fly aircraft with Turbojet engines, two pilot operations, aircraft carrying more than 19 passengers or have a MTOW above 5700 kg.

These will be categorized as so called NCC (Non Commercial Complex) and these new regulations mean that they will need to operate under an OPS manual and a management system, which will make their operations significantly more expensive and bureaucratic 

IAOPA has done a great job in trying to alleviate some of the strains this will put on non commercial complex operators, and have together with EASA, national aviation authorities, ERAC and other Industry representatives worked to develop a NCC template manual, which can be freely downloaded and modified by the operator. If you have any queations we suggest you contact your national AOPA department via or by e-mail:

We wish you all some great flying over the summer.

Kind regards,

The European Aircraft Sales Team 


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