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Aircraft for Sale

European Aircraft Sales is very pleased to offer the following aircraft for sale! These are primarily pre-owned aircraft, but factory new Piper Aircraft will also be featured here as they become available.
If you have a special request for a new or pre-owned aircraft, we can surely help you find the one that matches your requirements for a succesful operation.
Contact us today and let us talk about your wants and needs.

2005 Piper Seminole, TF-FTA

European Aircraft Sales happily offer you this Piper Seminole for sale! The Seminole is the perfect choice for training, a superb multi-engine, tried and trusted by flight schools all over the world.

2014 Bell 407GX, I-ECGX

This Bell 407 helicopter is in excellent condition and equipped for a fully VIP operation! European Aircraft Sales is proud to offer this beautiful helicopter for sale to our clients!

2023 Piper Archer LX/DLX, factory new

Exclusive offer: Receive a fully paid EASA-approved PPL with the purchase of this Piper Archer! The Piper Archer is the perfect choice for leisure flying, trips with the family and shorter business flights! Ready for delivery in Q2 2023!

1999 Mooney M20R Ovation 2 (310hp), N81FM

Greatly upgraded Mooney M20R Ovation 2 for sale!
In 2020 the aircraft received a number of significant upgrades, including an engine upgrade to Ovation 3, new propeller and new engine monitor (MPV 50P).

2011 Cessna T182T Skylane, OY-ZIP

This very nice and very well-equipped Cessna T182 Skylane is now for sale, in premium condition and with very few hours on the clock!

Piper M600/SLS file photo

2023 Piper M600/SLS, factory new

Factory new 2023 Piper M600/SLS, the peak in engineering, luxury and safety! We are proud to offer this exquisite turboprop for sale, ready to be customized with your choice of equipment, your own paint scheme and interior!

Factory New Piper Aircraft for Sale

Piper M600/SLS in line birds eye

Piper M600/SLS (Factory New)

The M600/SLS seats six and is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A 600 shp engine. It comes factory equipped with the revolutionary HALO Safety System, including Garmin Autoland.
The aircraft has a maximum cruise speed of 260 KTAS / 482 km/h, and has a max range of 1,300 nm / 1,852 km with a max payload of 1200 lbs.

Piper M500 (Factory New)

Six-place seating and a pressurized cabin comfortably accommodate passengers, prioritizing precious assets, while the 500 SHP Pratt & Whitney PT6-42A turbine satisfies the most discerning pilot by providing adrenaline-inducing, powerful performance and unmatched reliability.

Piper M350 (Factory New)

The Piper M350 is the only current production pressurized piston-engine aircraft available today. It leads the piston pack with an impressive 213 ktas cruising speed, as well as the ability to cruise up to 25,000 ft in pressurized comfort. With standard dual turbochargers, owners can also expect a consistent fuel burn at any altitude keeping operating costs down.

Piper Seneca V (Factory New)

The Piper Seneca is a powerful twin-engine aircraft, boasting several prominent differences compared to its piston-twin competitors. It rules the highest single-engine service ceiling in its class, displays a standard three-screen G1000 panel, provides a visibly wider cabin.

Piper Archer DX

Piper Archer LX/DLX (Factory New)

Standard equipped with four top-of-the-art leather seats and the Garmin G1000 Suite, the Piper Archer LX has all you need when it comes to comfort and technology. Later, when you are ready to meet new challenges, the IFR equipment will allow you to obtain an instrument rating.