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2014 Bell 407GX, I-ECGX, MSN: 54557
Asking price: USD 2,800,000 (ex. VAT)

This Bell 407 helicopter is in excellent condition and equipped for a fully VIP operation! European Aircraft Sales is proud to offer this beautiful helicopter for sale to our clients! Highlights include:

– Complete Emergency Floatation Gear + Complete high skid gear with flitesteps.

– Delivered with fresh 12month/50/150/300 and 600 hours inspection.

– Bell 2-axis AFCS autopilot installed.

– One operator since new – always flown by highly experienced commercial pilots.

– Best VIP configuration you can have.

– Amazing paint scheme and interiors – Original paint and interiors in extremely excellent condition.

Model: Bell 407 GX
Year: 2014
Asking price: USD 2,800,000

Download specifications

  • YEAR: 2014
  • TTSN: 3631,5 hrs (October 2022)
  • LANDINGS: 7005
  • MAIN ROTOR: 3631,5 hrs.
  • TAIL ROTOR: 3194,5 hrs.

Garmin G1000 glass cockpit
Bell 2-axis AFCS autopilot
Radar Altimeter – RA4500 FreeFlight
Artex C406-NHM ELT Provisions
Artex C406-NHM ELT w. PGM Adaptor
28 Amph battery
Jettisonable crew doors
Dual controls
High skid gear w. flitesteps
LED Lighting (int/ext)
M/R Blades – High vis
Rotor brake
Tail rotor camera
Wire Strike protection system
Headliner – standard w. AC ducting
Cargo hook provisions
Cockpit storage kit
5250 lbs. Max. gross weight kit
Interior trim – corporate
Soundproofing – corporate
Armrests – corporate
Passenger and crew seats – corporate
Engine fire detector
Expanded avionics shelf

AAI Bell 407 Vertical Antenna Mount Kit

AAI Bell 407 Dual Control Safety Kit

Passenger photo windown L/H – Med. Grey tint

– as loose equipment, brand new, never installed

AAI Emergency float system

Bleed air heater w. windshield & chin bubble defrost

Automatic door openers for cabin doors

Locking fuel cap kit

Baggage compartment edge protector

Baggage floor protector

Pre-flight kit

Inlet barrier filter w. access door

Spacemaker & cover

Automatic door openers for crew doors

Air conditioner w. dual forward evaporators

7 place ICS system with Passengers ICS call

Cabin tinted windows.

Power socket in cockpit console