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Another succesful PC12-acquisition

Acquiring the right aircraft on behalf of a client is not an easy task. At European Aircraft Sales we are experts in examining the market, following leads and trails to find off-market planes that live up to our clients’ needs and fit their budget. Having the experience and expertise to know a good aircraft deal from a bad one is indespensable!
The overall condition and maintenance of the aircraft, equipment installed and, of course, the price all have to fit the wants and needs of the client.

Very recently we have closed another deal on a great Pilatus PC12, after a client tasked us with finding a fitting aircraft at the right price. The market has been moving very fast over the last year, and prices on especially PC12s have gone up and down very quickly. Finding an aircraft that checked all the boxes and still could be bought at the right price was a challenge, but we managed to find the right one!

There are many more exciting deals happening at the moment, but taking the chance to celebrate another PC12 through the door is important!

Blue skies and happy landings to you all!