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EASA approves single-engine-turbine commercial IFR operations

Proven engines and reliable instruments means that single-engine turbine commercial operators are now allowed to operate under IFR conditions.

This is very good news for Pilatus PC-12, TBM and Piper Meridian owners, who up until now have been limited to VFR operations, when operating commercially in most European countries.

But as of the 1st of March 2017 these rules have now been amended by EASA. Thereby approving single-engine turbine aeroplane operations at night or in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), and opening up for new business opportunities.

For many years, European countries have been reluctant to allow passenger or cargo operations with single-engine turbine aircraft on a commercial basis under IMC conditions. Their main concern being, the combination of an aircraft with only one engine, flying with reduced visibility and carrying paying passengers or cargo on a route over potentially densely populated areas would be too risky.

However, instruments and engines have become very reliable – in particular turbine engines have proven their worth. According to EASA, single-engine-turbine operations are now considered to be as safe – or even safer – than similar operations with twin-engine aircraft!

This is the result of the hard work of operators, manufacturers, pilots and EU member states like Finland and France, who have been determined to open up for CAT SET-IMC operations throughout Europe.

Thereby also opening up for new economic possibilities by enabling new low-density routes, and making life easier for the people who live in, or need to visit, remote places around Europe at a much lower cost than that of a similar size twin-engine operation.

More info
If you are interested in further reading, Pilatus Aircraft has a lot of interesting materials on the advantages of flying a single engine turbine on their website.

If you would like to read the full text of the EASA Commission Regulaton (EU) 2017/363 of 1 March 2017 click here.

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