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Fly FREE for Five, Fly FREE ’till 2025!

Take delivery of a factory new M600/SLS and receive inspections, maintenance, fuel, training and Garmin Charts for free!

That is what the newest offer from Piper Aircraft, connected to the new M600/SLS, contains!

1. 5 year warranty Airframe (Piper provided) 
2. 5 year Garmin Avionics warranty (Piper provided) 
3. 7 year Pratt & Whitney warranty (Piper provided) 
4. 5 year Hartzell propeller warranty (Piper provided) 
5. 1 Pilot training + 2 recurrent training paid (Piper provided) 
6. 3 years of Free Fuel for 100 hours / yearly on a prepaid fuel card (Piper and EAS provided 50/50) 
7. Annual 100/hrs inspection for free 3 years ( EAS provided ) 
8. Special inspections for free 3 years (Piper provided) 
9. All consumables like tires / oil for free 3 years (Piper provided) 
10. Garmin VFR / IFR charts free subscription for 3 years (Piper provided) 

The offer ends on December 31st 2020, so this is the time to act!
Take delivery of a brand new Piper M600/SLS and fly for free for FIVE years!

Read more on Piper’s website:

Contact us today to take advantage of this amazing deal! Remember, time is of the essence!

Piper M600/SLS in line birds eye