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M600/SLS panel
M600/SLS interior
M600 SLS stitching
M600/SLS panelM600/SLS interiorM600 SLS stitching

Piper M700 Fury (factory new)
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The Piper M700 FURY represents the first step towards a new generation of the M-Class family, outperforming past PA46 models and several competitive aircraft in performance, operational cost efficiencies, and overall value. Powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-52 engine, the M700 FURY boasts a maximum cruise speed of 301 ktas with a max range of 1,149 nm / 1,849 km (at max cruise speed, 1,424 nm at normal cruise speed) while maintaining its Basic Med compliant 6,000-pound MGTOW limit.

At a 301-knot max cruise speed, the M700 FURY stands alone as the fastest single-engine aircraft in Piper’s enviable 87-year, 134,000 unit production history, and it’s the second fastest model of all time. Only the mighty Piper Cheyenne 400LS turbine twin is faster.

Key performance highlights in different phases of flight include:

  • Take-off Performance – TOFL distance over a 50’ obstacle at SL, STD day MGTOW is a classleading 1,994 ft., representing a 641 ft., 24 percent improvement when compared to the M600 SLS that it replaces. That TOFL performance is also 1,198 ft. (38 percent) shorter than a competing single-engine jet.
  • Initial Climb – after a MGTOW departure, the M700 enjoys a class-leading 2,048 fpm climb rate, 32 percent better than the M600.
  • Climb to Altitude – settled into the climb, the M700 FURY reaches a comfortable FL250 in 13.9 minutes (34 percent quicker than the M600) after covering a short 34-mile distance (35 percent less distance than prior) while only burning 97 lbs. of fuel (25 percent less fuel than the M600 and nearly 50% less fuel than a single-engine jet competitor).
  • Cruise – 301-knot max cruise speed.
  • Landing Performance – Landing over a 50 ft. obstacle, the M700 FURY continues its classleading performance, achieving a 26 percent reduction versus the M600 and within half the ground roll distance of some competitors.

Model: Piper M700 Fury
Year: 2024 (factory new)

Operating cost coming soon

  • ENGINE: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-52
  • PROPELLER: 5 blade Hartzell composite prop
  • CONFIGURATION: 6 seat executive configuration

Standard equipment:
• GARMIN G3000 AVIONICS SUITE with HALO Safety System
• GFC 700 Digital Autopilot
• Dual GTC 575 Touchscreen Cockpit Management Units
• GMA 36B Digital Audio Panel
• GTX 345D Diversity Transponder
• GWX 75 Weather Radar
• GDL60 Datalink FliteCharts
• Garmin PlaneSync™
• Garmin GI-275 Standby
• Integrated Digital Cabin Pressurization
• Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI)
• PiperAire Air Conditioning
• Bose A30 Headsets (2)
• USB A & C Charging Ports
• Rosen Visors

HALO Safety System:
• Garmin Emergency Autoland (fully autonomous)
• Auto Throttle • Radar Altimeter
• Enhanced AFCS Enablement
• SurfaceWatch
• Synthetic Vision
• SafeTaxi
• TerminalTraffic

Premium Package:
• 110 volt AC Power Outlet (cabin and cockpit)
• Lee Aerospace CoolView Windows
• AmSafe Seatbelts – Pilot & Co-Pilot Positions
• GSR 56 Iridium Transceiver (US or International Talk, Text & Weather)

Awareness Package:
• CAS Link Checklist
• TAWS-B (Terrain Awareness and Warning System)
• GWX 8000 StormOptix
• Second transponder: Dual Antennas GTX 345D (position 1) & GTX 335 Digital Transponder (position 2)
• GTS 855 Traffic Advisory System – TCAS/ACAS I (includes GTS 825)

All Weather Package:
• GDL 69A SiriusXM Satellite Weather
• L3 WX-500 Stormscope

International Package:
• Jeppessen ChartView
• Extended VHF Enablement
• BendixKing KN 63 Remote DME

• Pilot Initial Training Course through a Piper Authorized Training Center
• Airframe: 5-Year Piper Limited Warranty Program
• Avionics: 5-Year Garmin Warranty
• Powerplant: 7-Year Pratt & Whitney Warranty
• Propeller: 5-Year Hartzell Warranty
• Piper’s Ultimate Care Program