Pilatus Aircraft

Pilatus brokers through 17 years.
Since we sold our first PC-12 in 2004, have specialized in dealing with pre-owned Pilatus
PC-12 aircraft and on an average, taking part of more than five PC-12 transactions each year.

No other aircraft on the market is as rugged and versatile as the Pilatus PC-12 models.
Due to its unique market position, owning a Pilatus has always been an investment as solid
as a towering Swiss Mountain, as the residual value on a pre-owned PC-12’s has always remained
stable, both before and after the 2008 financial crisis.

Many deals happen off-market as only 4,1 % of the entire PC-12 fleet is listed for sale.
Take advantage of our extensive network and knowledge, and let us help you sell or buy your next PC-12.

Read more about the three PC-12 models that are available on the market and their differences.