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We guide you through the buying process, making sure your new aircraft meets both your needs and all legal requirements to be entered into operation. Our many years in the business gives us the inside on many off-market aircraft and is your strength when negotiating and closing the best deal in your new aircraft.

When you partner with us, your comfort, peace of mind and trust is our first priority, and you will experience a team dedicated to making your transaction as seamless as possible. Our experience and international network of other dealers, owners, technicians and pilots gives us an advantage in terms of finding the right aircraft for you.

This is how we work:

  • We analyse your current transportation needs and advise you on the aircraft best suited to meet your requirements.

  • We draft an exclusive acquisition agreement, that, when signed, gives us the mandate to find and negotiate for an aircraft on your behalf.

  • We present you with the most suitable options available, and advice on the best aircraft to buy.

  • We handle all negotiations and arrange the necessary inspections.

  • When the aircraft is accepted, we handle all details in regard to escrow arrangements and closing procedures.

  • We help you re-register the aircraft and make sure, that everything is in perfect order.

Through the whole process we use only the most trustworthy and respected collaborators, in order to secure the best and most reliable service for you, and to be absolutely certain that no unfortunate surprises will appear after closing the deal.
After the aircraft is purchased and paid, we will guide you through all regulations regarding import and re-registration of the aircraft.
In the end we will help organize ferry flight and see to it that all legal documents are correctly written and signed. We do not consider our work done, until you are in possession of your new aircraft, legally transferred and registered to you.

Contact us if you need more information or assistance with the purchase of an aircraft