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The Oostwold Airshow!

We’ve returned home from a fantastic time in the Netherlands, showcasing a lovely Piper M500, and now we can look back at some great days!

We left our base in Odense on Saturday, boarding the M500 piloted by Bjarne and flying directly to Oostwold in the Netherlands. The weather was unsteady at best, but the M500 handled it all beautifully and at flight level 260 the sun was shining on a floor of clouds. A cruise speed of 267 knots (with headwind) made us reach our destination in just 1 hour and 5 minutes.
The flight was totally smooth without much turbulence, except around flight level 60-80 on descend towards Oostwold. A nice and smooth grass runway spread out in front of us and Bjarne put us safely and steadily on the ground. Perfect landing.

As the first aircraft to arrive at the airshow (mainly due to the bad weather) we rolled right off the grass taxiway and onto the field where the airshow was to be held. The organizers had arranged for us to have an exhibition at the center of the field, so we parked the aircraft and got ready for the opening on Sunday morning.
After a good dinner and a good night’s sleep we went to the airfield in glorious sunshine, set up shop in our tent and welcomed the first visitors that began to arrive at 10am.

Armed with brochures and candy we greeted many guests enquiring about the M500 and the rest of the Piper product line, and we had a great time talking with many aircraft enthusiasts. Obviously most of them were there to see the great spectacle of warbirds and stunt flyers, but we did not feel out of place with the luxury aircraft on display.
We had excellent view of the airshow and even an aircraft, that both Bjarne and Morten had a hard time identifying: the Hawker Sea Fury T20 (thank you Instagram).

Owner of the airfield in Oostwold, Tom van der Meulen, also exhibited his great skill in his Mustang, the “Damn Yankee”. It is incredible to watch the old warbird shoot across the sky and twirl around in ways no one thought possible. His airborne dance was followed by several other stunt fliers, wing walkers and vintage fighter planes.

One of the great performances was the Swedish glider world champion performing some truly amazing trick flying. A beautiful show!

All in all we had a great time, and we really look forward to returning to Oostwold when the next airshow is held! Until then you can feast your eyes on some of the things, Jakob caught on camera, in the gallery below!
Happy landings!