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First European M700 nearing completion

Our first Piper M700, the first Piper M700 to call the European continent home, is getting ready, and we can’t wait for you to see it completed! We will be showcasing it at the Piper Aircraft booth at AERO in Friedrichshafen on April 17-20, and on the 28th-30th of May it will be with us at EBACE in Geneva.

We have chosen af beautiful, classy and timeless paint scheme for this aircraft, and we look forward to sharing a lot of pictures and video of it, when it arrives in Denmark. If you want to see it in person, contact us to set up an appointment, or visit us at the Piper booth at AERO and EBACE.

The brand-new Piper M700 is an industry leading powerhouse, taking performance in a six-seater turboprop to a whole new level. The 700 horsepower Pratt & Whitney PT6A-52 engine gives you a take-off distance as short as 1994 feet (over 50 ft. obstacle) and a rate of climb of up to 3432 feet per minute. Go where you’re going in a Piper turboprop, faster and smoother than ever before!
The stats speak for themselves when compared with other aircraft in the same class, and with a price tag significantly lower than the closest competitor, the Piper M700 is the optimal choice for a personal, six-seater luxury aircraft.