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Our Service

All our services can be divided into two directions, as we can assist you in both buying and selling an aircraft.
When you sell or buy an aircraft with European Aircraft Sales as your partner, you will benefit from more than 30 years of expertise and strong relationships in the aviation industry.
Our top priority is to make you feel secure in your purchase or sale, and that all of your requirements are met. Our many years in the business give us the inside on many off-market aircraft, which will be your strength when negotiating and closing the best deal on your new aircraft.

Choose your direction below to read more about how we work for you:

Buying An Aircraft - Let Us Help You


We guide you through the buying process, making sure your new aircraft meets both your needs and all legal requirements to be entered into operation. We find the most suitable options and help you make the right choice, before we negotiate the best possible deal and help you register the aircraft in the correct way.

Selling An Aircraft - We Have The Expertise


When you sell your aircraft with European Aircraft Sales, you benefit from our expertise and strong relationships in the aviation industry. Our team of sales representatives and our in-house marketing professional handle everything regarding potential clients, and we make sure all legal requirements and protocols are handled correctly.