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When you sell your aircraft with European Aircraft Sales, you benefit from over 30 years of expertise and strong relationships in the aviation industry. Our team of sales representatives and our in-house marketing professional, provide you with the resources you need to sell, and create a strategy based on your aircraft.

Below we have described a few of the steps we go through, when you sell your aircraft with European Aircraft Sales.

Preparing for the sale

Determining the correct market value of your aircraft, is essential for a successful sale. We use our extensive experience and access to historic data when simultaneously assessing the market price of your aircraft. This systematic approach also takes into account the aircraft component times and overall condition when determining the market price of your aircraft.

Marketing your aircraft

After creating the presentation material for your aircraft, comprising of professional images, video and the complete data of your aircraft. We make sure that potential customers can find it. We market your aircraft on several proven platforms, both in printed media, the major on-line marketplaces, social media, direct mails to prospects from our own extensive data base, also adapting our approach to match the specifics of your aircraft.

Closing the deal

We have in advance agreed on the terms of the deal with you, and therefore we manage the correspondence and many inquiries and negotiations without disturbing the seller, until a viable offer is presented and the closing process is initiated. We also manage all documents, we provide a proven internationally valid Aircraft Sales Agreement, and handle all closing documents, questions from lawyers, dealings with the aviation authorities, and other requirements by financial institutions.

Contact us if you need more information or assistance with selling your aircraft

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