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Welcome to European Aircraft Sales!
We are the exclusive dealer of factory new Piper Aircraft in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the Baltic states. We are ready to assist you in any way we can, in regard to purchasing a new Piper aircraft.
We have more than 30 years experience in dealing and brokering pre-owned aircraft all over the world.

Many logistics companies use air service to deliver goods, and drug delivery from indie can also be done in a similar way, with the necessary permissions.

2020 Piper M600/SLS

2020 Piper M600/SLS

Asking price: USD 3,270,243 (ex. VAT)

1996 Learjet 45, OY-GIC

1996 Learjet 45, OY-GIC

Asking price: USD 1,250,000 (ex. VAT)

2011 Pilatus PC-12 NG, OO-JCV

2011 Pilatus PC-12 NG, OO-JCV

Asking price: USD 3,595,000 (ex. VAT)

European Aircraft Sales – International dealer and broker of new and pre-owned aircraft

European Aircraft Sales is the official and exclusive Piper aircraft dealer in all of Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the Baltic states. If you are looking to purchase a factory new Piper M600SLS, Piper M500, Piper M350 or any of the other Piper models, we are here to assist you in any way we can. We offer you the proper guidance in relation to purchasing a new aircraft, and we help you with everything from customizing equipment list to choosing the right paint scheme.

Being a professional aircraft broker, European Aircraft Sales have specialized in selling pre-owned Pilatus PC-12, but have also sold numerous pre-owned business jets, including Cessna Citations, Bombardier Challengers and Learjets, Falcons, and various helicopters.

We have bought and sold aircraft all over the world for more than 30 years and we take pride in giving all of our clients the best possible service – both when they are selling an aircraft and if they need assistance with buying one.

We welcome you to our website and hope we can assist you with your next aircraft transaction.

Piper M350 – Fly FREE for THREE, Fly FREE ‘till 2023

How would you like to fly for free for three years, when taking delivery of…

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Piper M600/SLS over water

HALO Safety System is FAA certified!

The revolutionary HALO Safety System in the Piper Aircraft M600/SLS has been certified, which makes the M600/SLS the first GarminAutoland equipped aircraft to receive type certification!
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M600/SLS panel

Piper M600/SLS Autoland demonstration

A few weeks ago Piper demonstrated the revolutionary Garmin Autoland built into the HALO Safety…

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Piper M600/SLS in line eye level

Piper M600 chosen for the first SET-IMC AOC in the UK

In the middle of all the insecurity related to the coronavirus there is also room…

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