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When choosing a partner in aircraft sales, choose European!
European Aircraft Sales is the exclusive dealer of factory new Piper Aircraft in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the Baltic states,
and we hold more than 30 years of experience in brokering pre-owned aircraft all over the world.
Our team of aviation professionals stand at the ready to assist you, whether you are looking to buy or sell an aircraft.

2003 Gulfstream G-200, OY-IUV

USD 3,895,000 (ex. VAT)

2014 Piper Malibu Matrix, LN-ICE

USD 849,000 (ex. VAT)

2004 Mooney M20M Bravo GX, SE-MHX

USD 289,000 (Ex. VAT)

European Aircraft Sales – International dealer and broker of new and pre-owned aircraft

European Aircraft Sales is the exclusive Piper aircraft dealer in all of Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the Baltic states. If you are in the market for a factory new Piper M700, Piper M500, Piper M350 or any of the other Piper models, we are here to assist you in the proces, from ordering your aircraft through specifications and design, training, ferry flight and registration. Our business is a full-service deal, and we are only happy when you are.

As a professional broker of pre-owned aircraft, European Aircraft Sales has specialized in selling pre-owned Pilatus PC-12 and other turboprop aircraft, but we also have extensive experience dealing in pre-owned business jets, including Citations, Bombardier Challengers, Falcons, Learjets, as well as helicopters.

We have bought and sold aircraft all over the world for more than 30 years and we take pride in giving all of our clients the best possible service – both when they are selling an aircraft and if they need assistance with buying one.
For more information on how we work, read more here:

2024 Piper M700

We bring the M700 to AERO Friedrichshafen!

It is with great pride that we announce, that we are bringing the very first Piper M700 to AERO Friedrichshafen on April 17-20!
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First European M700 nearing completion

Our first Piper M700, the first Piper M700 to call the European continent home, is getting ready, and we can’t wait for you to see it completed!
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Piper announces the M700 Fury!

Piper Aircraft, Inc. announced today a new model in its PA46 line of high-performance aircraft—the Piper M700 FURY!
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New Piper M600/SLS delivered (video)

In early January 2024 our client received his brand new Piper M600/SLS. We captured the moment when he first met his new aircraft.
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