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New Piper M500 delivered

A beautiful factory new Piper M500 is being picked up in Vero Beach, FL, these days – it belongs to a Dane, and Bjarne brought him to the USA to ferry the aircraft home!

Sleek and sexy without sacrificing safety, the Piper Meridian M500 is the profile of perfection. This single engine turboprop, equipped with the latest in Garmin Safety Technology, remains a study in priorities.
We are really proud to be able to deliver this beautiful machine to its new owner!
And would you look at that interior? We absolutely love this!

The weather looked great in Florida, as the new owner officially received his brand new aircraft (accompanied by his father and Bjarne), and we wish them a speedy and pleasant flight back across the pond!
In this M500 it sure is looking to be a great trip!

You can soon read more about their experience flying the aircraft home from America, as we will post a report from the aviators as soon as they are back in Denmark!
Until then you can just enjoy how great this machine looks!