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News regarding the 2021 M600/SLS!

Some very exciting news have arrived from our associates at Piper Aircraft in Florida:
our Piper M600/SLS will be ready in June! As exclusive Piper dealer in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the Baltic States, this is your chance of getting a Piper M600/SLS in 2021! We will only be getting this one for sale this year, and we already have a number of clients interested in it.
If you are interested in owning the M600/SLS, get in touch with us at once!

The aircraft has been spec’ed with avionics and equipment, but you can still get it to look just the way you like. Exterior and interior is still to be decided.
You can read the full specification on our M600/SLS right here:

HALO Safety System expected certified by EASA in Q1

We also have some news regarding the groundbreaking HALO Safety System on the Piper M600/SLS! It is expected that the Garmin Autoland feature will be certified by EASA in late Q1!
All factory new Piper M600/SLS will be delivered with HALO Safety System and Autoland installed, giving pilot and passengers an extra level of safety and security when travelling. Should the unthinkable happen, there’s a figurative safety net at the press of a button.
Aircraft delivered in 2021 will get the Autothrottle installed free of charge, as soon as it is certified by EASA (planned for Q4 2021).

Also new for 2021 and the M600/SLS is, that we are expecting new POH revisions for the M600 on runway performance in early Q2. This will achieve shorter take-off and landing distances. You will gain access to even more airfields and airstrips than are already possible to use in an M600.

Lad but not least it is expected that a certification for hard gravel will be ready at the end of this year – a kit will be required, but it will be yet another improvement to the already great performance of the M600!

That’s all for now, we’re looking forward to confirming all of these expectations when the certifications start rolling in!
Until then, we hope you’re all staying safe and sound!

Piper M600/SLS in line birds eye