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Happy New Year, here’s what’s happening!

Here we are in a brand-new year, and let’s just say that we hope for a slightly better one than the last. 2021 will hopefully bring exciting news from us, our collaborators and our clients, and we look forward to showcasing some really cool aircraft!

Starting 2021 on a high note we can tell you, that we are scheduled to receive a factory new Piper M350 in May and it is already sold! Our client can look forward to cruising up to 1,343 nm in pressurized comfort and we very much look forward to delivering this aircraft!

If you are in the market for a turboprop, we will shortly be opening for registrations for a demo of the new Piper M600/SLS! We will host a demonstration in late spring, where you can experience the luxury, safety and power of the aircraft, if you are seriously considering a purchase.
We already have a number of interested clients, so if you are also in the market, we advise to get in touch as soon as possible.

In 2021 there are also some really great pre-owned aircraft coming up for sale, but more about those later – for now we will simply wish you a happy New Year, we hope you’ll get a prosperous and exciting 2021, and that we are soon safe to travel yet again.

All the best from the European Aircraft Sales team
Katja, Bjarne, Morten & Jakob

Piper M600/SLS over water
Piper M600/SLS