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Piper M600 chosen for the first SET-IMC AOC in the UK

In the middle of all the insecurity related to the coronavirus there is also room for some good news! The CAA of the UK has approved the first Single Engine Turbine (SET-IMC) AOC, utilizing a Piper M600!

The Piper M600 was identified as the highest quality, best value, single engine turbine aircraft available, and is set to be operated by BEA Heli Air, which also provides both training and support.

EscapeTime announced the award by the UK CAA of the first Single Engine Turbine (SET-IMC) AOC to its charter provider Heli Air Limited, a part of the British European Aviation (BEA) group. Using the Piper PA-46 M600 single engine turbine, the CAA approval is the first of its kind in the UK, giving BEA customers the chance to fly in comfort, safety and speed.

EscapeTime’s aircraft can take four or five passengers from London to Paris on their own time schedule in less than one hour. The service cuts out hours of waiting at airports and is offered to hundreds of destinations around the UK and Europe.

The Piper M600 can do full IFR operations flying at 28,000 ft at 275 kts. The cabin has plenty leg room and the large windows offer an excellent view for the passengers.

The launch of the SET-IMC operations is revolutionary in general aviation and coincides with the launch of the CAA fly legal campaign. The BEA Heli Air team has been working with the CAA for three years to ensure the safety and quality standards required for AOC operations are exceeded prior to the issue of the AOC.